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Electric Pump for LHL  P-102/107/202/207

This pump is small, low cost, and only for our LHL original cartridge grease

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This pump is small, low cost, and only for our original cartridge grease

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This pump is a small, low cost pump only for our original cartridge grease. EGME-II pumps have a built in solenoid protection circuit which eliminates the 7.5 min maximum running time of other EGM pumps.

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S series MU

The MU style valves are junction mounted Positive Displacement Injectors. Designed with lower operating pressure suitable for use only with LHL and the P-107 pump. 3 types are available for 4mm tail tubing connection. MU has a female hole for a compression bushing, MU-N Type have a male stem for a compression nut, and the MU-C type incorporate a push to connect fitting.

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For MU small metering valve installation

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S Series MDP

MDP Metering Direct Plunger valves are designed to be installed at the lubrication point. By doing so minimizes the ability for clogging do to separation and allows even further monitoring of the main line pressure.

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Highly reliable and long-life pressure switch designed to let grease pass through without stagnation inside.

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LHL-300/LHL-X 100

A lubricant that has the advantages of both oil and grease
LHL-300 was developed to solve the following problems of grease:

  • Foul smell of deteriorated and decomposed coolant due to oil lubrication
  • High oil consumption
  • Imperfect lubrication due to grease adherence and insufficient coating of components
  • A large amount of drained grease in lubricated sections

In order to solve the above problems, LHL-300 was developed as a lubricant suitable for the environment and conditions in which machine tool components are used.

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