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Wire EDM machining

Three steps to success


First of all, the workpiece needs to be positioned and secured in the working area of the machine, preferably on the zero line, and with the risk of collision with the machine's wire guides reduced to a minimum. And so firmly that it can handle the high flushing pressures of modern machines.

Reference system

Once the problem of effective mounting of the workpiece in the machine has been solved, the next step is to minimise downtimes when retooling the machine.

Technical developments of the machines in recent years have resulted in significantly higher material removal rates. But you won't benefit from this potential if the machine is idle for lengthy, troublesome retooling. So the aim must be to minimise retooling times with the machine idle.

With a reference system you can prepare and preset the workpiece away from the machine, then lift it in and secure it in the machine - quickly and precisely - with minimised downtime and consequent better utilisation of machine capacity..


With a reference system and a pneumatic chuck on the machine table, you have laid a firm foundation for the crucial step towards maximised machine utilisation - automation.

Add a pallet changer to your machine and you have created an automated production cell. A cell that can generate revenue 24 hours a day, weekdays and weekends, all year round!


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